100 Things To Miss About Sevilla

1. Olives. I may be slightly obsessed, but who doesn’t want to start every meal with a bowl full of goodness.

2. Orange trees.

3. Smell of said trees when they blossom.

4. Windy, cobblestone streets

5. Climbing to the top of la Giralda (the bell tower that gets slightly obnoxious when you live right next to it)


6. Frolicking in the gardens of El Alcázar.


7. 1 Euro Cervezas

8. 1 Euro Tinto de Verano (red wine and lemon fanta = unbeatable combination)

9. El Salvador (the best plaza to sit outside drinking with a group of friends)

10. 350 days of sun (más o menos)

11. Smooy (the world’s greatest frozen yogurt)

12. Rayas (the best helado aka ice cream in Sevilla)

13. Triana Bridge

14. El Río Guadalquivir and lazy afternoons drinking in the sun


15. Cruzcampo – best cheap beer ever made

16. Feria (Where else can dress up in amazing flamenco dresses, drink all night, eat churros, and dance until the sunrise?)


17. Salmorejo. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


18. Patatas Bravas

19. Horse carriages


20. Fiestas on Fiestas

21. McDonalds – luxurious in other parts of the world, and serves beer.

22. Besitos, because greeting with a handshake just got boring.

23. Plaza de España


24. Mantecados. Christmas treats, I dare you to eat just one.

25. Christmas lights done right


26. Semana Santa “Holy Week” when the entire city shuts down, rolls out the red carpet, and holds processions all day every day. The whole place smells of incense.

27. Processions all year round really.


28. Rebujitos (official Manzanilla wine and 7UP drink of Feria)

29. Ovejas Negras (amazing restaurant in the heart of downtown)

30. Los Coloniales (see above)

31. Discotecas (Abril, Buddha, Caramelo…)

32. Siestas

33. Late dinners

34. Bakeries and fresh chocolate croissants

35. Zara

36. Fresh oranges, tomatoes…

37. Cheap everything

38. Sevici…maybe? Great way to get around the city, assuming you are able to find a bike, and hopefully one that’s not broken.

39. Flamenco

40. Or rather Sevillanas

41. Matalascañas beach just an hour away.

42. Proximity to Portugal

43. …and Morocco

44. And all of Europe really.

45. Sunshine…to the point where you hope for a rainy day.

46. Walking everywhere.

47. Botellón. Where its 50% legal to take a bottle of liquor and drink by the river.

48. Nightlife. Things really just get going around midnight.

49. Spaniards. Love to eat, drink, stay out all night, and are always dressed to impress.

50. Spanish. Maybe it’s just me, but I love speaking a different language.

51. Street performers. Whether it’s flamenco dancers, 3 heads in a table trying to scare you or an old man with a baby face popping out of a stroller, they’re surprisingly entertaining.


52. La Catedral – third largest in the world.


53. Gitanas = gypsies. Maybe you don’t really miss them, but if somebody’s not trying to hand you herbs and read your palm, then it’s not Sevilla.

54. Milka chocolate.

55. Corte Inglés. The world’s greatest department store. It’s like Target, Costco, Best Buy, Macy’s, DSW, shall I keep going?? all rolled into one.

56. Fresh squeezed OJ wherever you go.

57. Wonkandy. The Spanish version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – need I say more?

58. Getting lost in Barrio Santa Cruz. The former Jewish Quarter in Sevilla – filled with tiny cobblestone streets, and great little restaurants and bars.

59. Triana- classic Spanish neighborhood.

60. Los Remedios (my first neighborhood home when I studied abroad.)

61. Betis vs. Sevilla – classic soccer rivals. Choose carefully whether you wear your green or red on these days.


62. El Clásico. When Real Madrid faces off against FC Barcelona, it’s basically a holiday.

63. San Marco Restaurant. Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise have been here. (when filming Knight and Day) includes great views of La Giralda

64. Enjoying a cocktail on the rooftop of Hotel Doña María, complete with sunset views of the Cathedral.

65. Las Setas. Weird structure in Sevilla that resembles a mushroom. Most Sevillanos aren’t a fan of it, but can’t argue that it offers some pretty incredible views.


66. Calle Sierpes – endless shopping street in the center.

67. Casa de la Guitarra – a small, yet authentic place to see a Flamenco show.

68. Riding a 4 person bike around Parque María Luisa, the biggest park.

69. La Universidad de Sevilla – where you can attend school in an old tobacco factory.

70. La Alameda – Sevilla’s hipster neighborhood where you can find more 1 Euro beers.

71. Agua de Sevilla. Maybe not the best choice – but a must try. Don’t drink it too quickly.

72. Paddle boating the Guadalquivir. Watch out for the rowers, they’re pretty serious about it there.


73. Staring at the roller blading gangs. Any night at Puerta Jerez, you can find quite the roller blading show taking place.

74. That being said, roller blading/biking/walking/anything really around the city is the best. Note: don’t walk in the bike lanes.

75. Eating torrijas. Official treat of Semana Santa, the best version of French Toast you’ll ever try.

76. Aire de Sevilla – enjoying a Spa day and tea at the old Arab baths.

77. La Cervecería Internacional. Because sometimes you just want something other than Cruzcampo.


78. Day trips to Jerez for some Sherry wine tasting.

79. Bar hopping on calle Betis.

80. PDA – although sometimes it goes a little too far, you can always feel the love in Sevilla

81. Dancing the night away at Groucho…sometimes Santuario.

82. Drinking the biggest mojitos on calle Alfalfa.

82. Spending the afternoon at The Secondroom – the best little mojito with a view.


83. Lazy Sunday mornings biking to VIPs for American breakfast – pancakes, eggs, and Spain’s best attempt at bacon. (a hangover cure for under 5 Euros)

84. Abades. If you’re looking for a fancier night out, great meal with an even better view.

85. Eating churros con chocolate in the middle of the night – wherever you can find them.

86. Embarcadero. Best little riverside bar to soak in the sun and drink.

87. Getting my fix for American food at Sloppy Joes.

88. Getting excited about Lucky Charms and Peanut Butter at the American Store.

89. Rebajas. Twice a year, every store has crazy sales.

90. Gofres (like a waffle with chocolatey heaven drizzled on top)

91. Day trips to Cádiz for sea glass hunting.


92. Random festivals (Día de Andalucía, Festival de las Naciones, etc…)


93. Café – the best part of waking up is not Folgers in my cup.

94. Menú del día. Enjoying a 3 course lunch for less than $10

95. Honesty. There’s something so refreshing about the way Spaniards tell it like it is. Say goodbye to political correctness.

96. No pasa nada. It means no worries for the rest of your days. Love the Spanish lifestyle.

97. Drinking all hours of the day. So maybe I’ve talked a lot about drinking, but for good reason.

98. Guapo, guapa, guapo. Spain makes you feel beautiful.

99. Tortilla española, and any other tapas I may have missed.

100. 100 Montaditos. Best place to stuff your tummy with little sandwiches-and the best olives-aceitunas de la abuela.

Bonus 101: not having to tip.

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