The Best European Cities to Explore with your S.O.

After living abroad for about a year with my boyfriend, I’ve narrowed down the best places to go with a S.O. (because some places are just better with your girlfriends.) 

1. Santorini

best european cities to explore

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants proves that Santorini is magical no matter who you’re with, and it’s true – you really can’t go wrong…but, this place was made for love. Here’s why.

  • Views. #nofilter
  • Sunsets. All sunsets are romantic, but Santorini sunsets take it to a whole new level.

best european cities to explore

  • Caves. I mean look at these rooms.


  • Wineries
  • ATVs and boat cruises
  • Amazing dinners by the Aegean Sea, fresh seafood, private islands, crystal blue waters, blue domes, I mean, it’s just gorgeous, blue, and warm. Go in summertime.

2. Paris

best european cities to explore

Cliché yes, but for good reason.

  • Eiffel Tower views
  • Champagne cruises on the Seine
  • Wine & Macaroons
  • Love Bridge, where you lock your <3 forever.
  • The Louvre – because who wants to explore the museum in a big group.

3. Sevilla

best european cities to explore

Maybe I’m bias, but there is something so charming about this city.

  • The river and the bridges are perfect for strolling.
  • Everybody is big on PDA – if you can’t beat ‘em…
  • Tapas were made to be shared.
  • Parque María Luisa – just go there and you’ll understand.
  • Wine for days, see a theme?

4. Lucerne

best european cities to explore

I can’t speak for other seasons, but around Christmas it was amaze.

  • Colder temperatures, mountains, and snow makes for perfect snuggling conditions.
  • Fondue. So delicious and you’ve gotta share it.
  • Christmas markets. Strolling hand-in-hand under Christmas lights with glühwein wine, checking out all the little treats and trinkets was, for lack of a better word, magical.
  • Sledging. What better person to risk your life with than your PIC?


5. Strasbourg

best european cities to explore

  • Winding, little cobblestone streets with the cutest houses.
  • On the border of France and Germany, so you can share crepes or a brat smothered in sauerkraut.
  • He can have a pint of beer, you can enjoy wine. (or vice versa)
  • The perfect city to just stroll, explore, eat and drink without a huge list of sites to see. And it’s beautiful.


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