Travel Bucket List

Go on a safari in South Africa

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Learn to dance Flamenco in Spain

Tramping in New Zealand

Skydive Anywhere


Swing at the end of the world

Sledging in the Swiss Alps


Drink too much wine in Mendoza, Argentina

Go back in time in Rome

Ride a camel in Morocco


Play with kangaroos in Australia

Cava tasting in Barcelona


Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Gondola ride in Venice

Girls Weekend in Vegas

Take in a sunset in Santorini

Stand in four places at once

Frolick in Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Hang out with elephants in Thailand

Drink pints of beer in Germany…and keep it down


Ice Skate in front of Rockefeller Center

Kiss under the Eiffel Tower


Snuggle under the Northern Lights

Hike Machu Picchu

Learn to surf

Lock my <3 at the Love Bridge in Paris

Swim under waterfalls in Costa Rica

Walk the bioluminescent beach in Puerto Rico

What’s on your list?

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