Meet Bryn.

The Basics

I’m a 25 year old born and raised in Madison, WI. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison because why would I go anywhere else when I had the Badgers right in my backyard? And yes, I was the baby of my family so taking laundry home on weekends and getting home-cooked meals didn’t sound awful. I got my B.A. in Psychology and Spanish – and to that, most people ask if I want to be a Psychologist for Mexicans. Thanks for the support guys. But anyways…

My junior year I studied abroad in Sevilla Spain, and that was the real game changer. I fell even more in love with learning a new language, immersing myself in a different culture, and exploring so many different places and spaces. I discovered the true meaning of wanderlust, and I knew I wasn’t ready to settle down. In come teach abroad. I couldn’t get Spain off of my mind, and seeing as how I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life [hint: I still don’t], I booked my ticket for after graduation. I went back to teach English in a small pueblo there for a year where I was able to keep perfecting my Spanish, mold some young minds, and check a few more items off my bucket list. Although the more I travel, the longer that list seems to grow…

After a short stint in Chicago – another glorious city – I packed my bags once again,  but this time for Kiwi country. I’m currently falling in love with New Zealand and enjoying the working holiday visa life – and, as always, planning my next adventures.

The Blog

I started blogging my junior year when I studied abroad, but I pretty much wrote that one for my mom so she could keep up with my overseas journeys. And same story for teach abroad. I wanted to share my stories with my family and closest friends, plus it was a great place for me to write down some memories. So while I’ve done the whole blogging thing, writing a travel blog is still pretty new to me.

So why now? I’ve always enjoyed writing, and writing about adventures is the best. I realized after studying abroad, teaching abroad, and now working abroad, I’ve had some pretty great international experiences and want to share them with the world [or at least whoever wants to read it]. Blogging is something I truly enjoy and it gets me out of bed early in the morning – which is saying a lot for me. Read more about that on my blog post A serious case of lust or love.

As cheesy as it is, studying abroad changed my life. Growing up, my mom called me her velcro baby because I was always attached to her hip. I was [and still a little to this day] on the shy side, but traveling has helped me open up so much. Traveling forces you out of your comfort zone, and I love it [because I often need a little nudge]. I love meeting new people, getting lost, and exploring so many places, and although it’s not always easy, I love challenging myself. I think being shy as a kid has made me want to push my limits even more, and going abroad, working with different cultures, and learning new languages, is the perfect way to do something that scares you every. single. day.

The Been [Bryn]

So unfortunately I can’t take full credit for the blog name [that goes to my sister], but I can say I’ve “been there, done that” to all of the experiences you find here. From study abroad to teach abroad and everything in between, I tend to want the same things out of travel: to try new food, meet locals, immerse myself in the culture, explore the hidden treasures, as well as the “must-see” sites [because you can’t go to Paris and not visit the Louvre], and try to get out of the comfort zone along the way: think skydiving, horseback riding, cliff jumping. Oh, and I do my best to drink lots of wine because as a sign once said,

“No good story ever started with a glass of Orange Juice.”

And because the rest of the world doesn’t do bloody marys like Wisconsin so I have to improvise.

The Bottom line

I’m always torn between growing up and getting a “real world” job or traveling the world while I’m young and adventurous [hence the typical twenty-something]. I guess you could call me a modern day Peter Pan (or Wendy?) the girl who will never grow up [if you can’t tell, I don’t plan on getting a 9-5 desk job anytime soon].

So stay young with me and follow the blog, or better yet, book a ticket. And feel free to contact me about anything! Want to teach abroad? Learn more here. Want to learn what not do abroad? Check here. Need inspiration to travel? Read this. Or this.

Comment and introduce yourself! I’d love to hear your story. And follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!


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